Consumed by Research


Inspired by stories of Hindu Gandharvas, Kinnaris and Garuda. they inspire music and dance with golden wings.

I’m completely consumed at the moment. I’m captivated by research and archaeology and religion and mythology. I’m lost in a world of linkages and history and art and poetry and it’s wonderful. I get to study all my favorite things!

I’ve been invited to do a sponsored solo show at the magnificent and historical Dome Gallery at Mission to Seafarers in Melbourne. The proposal centered around something I’ve been considering for years and years. Angels.

The paintings will explore different mythological representations of angels from several cultures, past and present. I wish to show that while so many religions may be different, they have many similarities as well, and that it is exciting to explore the similarities, rather than dwell on the differences. From the beautifully colored multi-wing angels of Islam to the different choirs of angels in Christianity, to Hindu Gandharvas and Taoist Tian Shi. I want this exhibition to pose the question what is an angel? I will also look at man’s attempts to replicate angelic concepts and consider angels in modern popular cultural movements such as goth culture, the steampunk movement and science fiction. from history to the future, a look a the messengers of the gods.

This will be my most challenging and conceptual exhibition yet – Stay Tuned!

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