Taxpayer dollars, art and you- how it all fits

While I grant that not all public art is liked or understood by everyone, the tenor of this article at the herald-sun is that all arts funding is a waste and that the programs should be scrapped. The arts are seeing an all time high in funding at the moment and I think it is…

ditch the nagging b**** and reclaim the most important thing

I haven’t done any real painting since moving as my studio is still very much under construction. it will soon be in a useable state and then a huge pressure will be relieved. because I’ll tell you a little truth about being an artist- the less you paint the less you want to paint- the reverse of my statement in my post 8 reasons why making art is like making love but that leads me back to my goals for 2011 and what I want to do about #5 on my list: I want to paint.

nude nazi mickey enflaming viewers

I admit that I find this work fairly unimaginative, it reminds me of the sort of thing you see first year art students creating as they rail against the status quo. it’s angry and designed to offend. the good news is that this time it isn’t the nude that’s causing the furor- thank goodness for that!

Psych this!

I like to suppress my problems and eventually paint about them. over the years I’ve come to terms with a lot of drama and I’ve reached a kind of understanding with myself. it may not be the healthy way or the right way but it works for me. most people are amazed that as a chronic pain sufferer I have few depression issues. the ones who know about all the other things that happened in my life to make me me are often really amazed that I am as sane as I am. but every time I have to rehash old ground, terrors and issues it gets harder and harder to reign in the crazy. sometimes I wonder if I hold onto my issues because they give me fuel for my art. that if I were well adjusted and normal that my work would lose that emotive spark that everyone seems to like.

no Pride in censoring nude art

When an artist is well known for their sexually explicit works it often becomes hard for them to gain acceptance for their non sexual art. combine that with the fact that the artist is (gasp) gay and there is a ticking time bomb waiting for a ‘misunderstanding’ like this. it’s unfortunate that it is so hard to straddle both sides of the fence in this respect. usually you have to be either one or the other.

self defeating nude censorship

if the aim is to sweep the piece under the rug then rely on the judgement of the patrons. they don’t have to look, they don’t have to attend and they will almost certainly not care either way. however, when a piece is censored, the artist receives publicity, the work receives publicity and the organizers receive flack. would this piece receive publicity if it were just involved in the exhibition?

nude censored under glass in Britain

This Is Me (Who Am I) by Marie White The modesty of a nude sculpture has been hidden by frosted glass in a gallery’s window after complaints led to police intervention. Police said the model at the A Gallery, in Wimbledon, south-west London, was deemed offensive under the Indecent Displays Act 1991. Artist Marie White,…

Won’t somebody please think of the artists?

I have been following this for the last week. there is a lot of information out there and I have not nearly digested it all yet. there are serious, far reaching implications for artists in NSW and in the rest of Australia. this extends not only to visual artists but to authors, directors, anyone. and the terms are broad enough that they could be inferred to apply to anyone or any work involving children.

Where is the First Amendment?

What people overseas may not know is that the party in charge is considered to be the left wing party. it is becoming more and more apparent that both parties here are republican. in addition to the clean feed mandating what we may or may not view online is a new legislation currently in the works to strike artistic merit as a defence for works containing nude children .

Sylvester Stallone’s nude art at Art Basel

Sylvester Stallone’s Nude Artwork There’s many a celebrity that will turn up to the opening of an envelope. But Rocky and Rambo star Sylvester Stallone had a very good reason for his random appearance at the Art Basel Miami Beach fair. It was the actor’s first gallery show, and it was his colourful expressionistic paintings…