Psych this!

Consternation - 12 x 12 Oils on Canvas
Consternation – 12 x 12 Oils on Canvas

So I have to start going to therapy soon. as part of my pain management I need to see the pain psych to treat my anxiety and depression issues. this is not something I want to do. apart from the fact that I can think of nothing worse than griping for an hour and then being told to go on mind numbing drugs, I really don’t want to dredge up all my old issues. They’ve suggested that I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and that with counseling I could do really well. I think I’m probably fine as is (as long as I avoid certain triggers!)

I’m a burier. I like to suppress my problems and eventually paint about them. over the years I’ve come to terms with a lot of drama and I’ve reached a kind of understanding with myself. it may not be the healthy way or the right way but it works for me. most people are amazed that as a chronic pain sufferer I have few depression issues. the ones who know about all the other things that happened in my life to make me me are often really amazed that I am as sane as I am. but every time I have to rehash old ground, terrors and issues it gets harder and harder to reign in the crazy.

sometimes I wonder if I hold onto my issues because they give me fuel for my art. that if I were well adjusted and normal that my work would lose that emotive spark that everyone seems to like. I’ve seen some psychs in my day- some were good and others contributed to my traumas. but the picking at old wounds just causes them to fester it seems, rather than letting them close over and heal.

2 thoughts on “Psych this!

  1. Dear Jenny, Your painting and art is MAGNIFICENT!

    An your chronic pain IS your depression issues. The pain you feel in the body is energy, the energy of the unresolved and experienced emotional issues is being “jammed” into the body. If you release and heal the issues, your pain will vanish. Truly! It is your choice whether to keep the pain or not. [Body issues are always unresolved emotional energy! Always! When they build, disease occurs]

    Check out this page and read some experiences. This is not therapy and involves no painful revisiting like that. It is virtually ‘re-creating’ your past in a way that is SUPPORTIVE of you.

    Everything we experience in our life is through the filter of our PERCEPZTION. We have two choices since we live in a dualistic world. Pleasant/unpleasant; loving/unloving; supportive/destructive. It is always like this. Like a coin, one side cannot exist without the other – if you have experienced one side in your experience, the other (positive and healing side) is there waiting for you to experience. You can literally CHOOSE which side of the coin you want to experience. The 1 on 1 guidane and breakthrough healing sessions do this with your PAST experiences. Super powerful and SUPER life changing! 😀

    Many blessings and much Love to you!

    (from LinkedIn)

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