Nude of the Week – Rapsody, Final Work

Rapsody Oils on canvas and 12″ vinyl record My piece for Medium:Vinyl at Hardware Gallery in Sydney is finally completed and shipped off ready for the exhibition in May. this was a piece that I had very strongly in my mind. sometimes, however, that isn’t enough. it took days of posing, lighting and rendering to get this piece right. sometimes, it’s really hard to realize the concept that is stuck in your mind. once I got to the painting stage, however, it was a breeze. sometimes taking the extra planning time really makes the final piece flow perfectly.

Nude of the Week – Rhapsody render 1

Rhapsody render 1 Daz Studio Render this was my first attempt at trying to realize my sketch. it took hours of posing, lighting and rendering and postwork in Photoshop and I just wasn’t inspired. the pose wasn’t right, she wasn’t seated in the circle, she looked like she was floating, and I just couldn’t get the look on the record to work. so I took it back to square one again and tried a different pose.