Nude of the Week – Rhapsody, initial sketch

Burlesque Sketch 09a

Rhapsody, initial sketch

Watercolor and Pencil on Paper

The concept for my submission to Medium:Vinyl came to me while I was working on my Sketchbook Library Sketches. I knew I wanted to continue in the same theme, and I could see the concept very clearly, I just couldn’t realize the pose. this sketch is even rougher than usual as it was more a chance for me to get the idea down, rather than the actual pose. I knew I wanted the figure seated in the record label and a round shape to the pose with volume lighting stretching down on an angle and an extended leg. I knew I wanted parts of the raw record showing and a cone spotlight effect. it was a very strong concept in my mind, but without the key pose.

Enter Daz, and many hours of rendering to the rescue!

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