Nude of the Week – Rapsody, Final Work

Rhapsody - a new nude by Jennie Rosenbaum


Oils on canvas and 12″ vinyl record

My piece for Medium:Vinyl at Hardware Gallery in Sydney is finally completed and shipped off ready for the exhibition in May. this was a piece that I had very strongly in my mind. sometimes, however, that isn’t enough. it took days of posing, lighting and rendering to get this piece right. sometimes, it’s really hard to realize the concept that is stuck in your mind. once I got to the painting stage, however, it was a breeze. sometimes taking the extra planning time really makes the final piece flow perfectly. I zoned into the painting of this piece perfectly each time.

Medium:Vinyl is on from 21st of May 2010 – 12th of Jun 2010 at Hardware Gallery 263 Enmore Road, Enmore NSW. more details soon.

2 thoughts on “Nude of the Week – Rapsody, Final Work

  1. Very angel-space-capsule. Touch of Joe Cocker (you can leave your hat on) there.
    Antigravity light. Strong sense of movement upwards into the starlight.
    Very nice, I like this one.


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