Trials and Tribulations

I’ve been meaning to update you all on the new paintings I’ve been doing, the news from this show and other shows and all the little bits that go into making an exhibition work…. I reassure myself that it will be better when it’s over, then I have the depression to contend with and finally the rest before ramping up to the next one…. so we panic and stress and worry, then the absence of that stress and panic and this thing that we’ve thrown ourselves into is over all too fast and we crash.


I’m a perfectionist, obsessive and demanding, I expect only the very best from myself and my personal opinion of myself seems to weigh heavily on whether or not I’ve attained that perfection…. now that I’ve cracked, and faced the worst I am ready to go on again, building up, pushing further and faster ahead until I crack once more from the strain and the lovely cycle starts over again…. but if I skip a day or so here and there try not to think too badly of me – I’m probably in the studio because, luckily, painting is something that almost always gives me some measure of peace.