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Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

This is my second ever Palette Knife piece but unlike cloud City (see below) it is entirely created with the knife. I am pleased at he result. as the basic image was very simple I felt that texture and rough technique would create an interest.

I like the fact that it has a certain pathos and darkness to it that feels like the subject (or conversely me, as an artist is often subconciously the subject) is turning their back on the world and curling up into a foetal cocoon. what she is escaping from is for interpretation.

can I wank on or what? no really. I might say that none of this is intentional, I just painted it and these thoughts are the ones that have arised as it neared completion.

I feel that many of my paintings are just created and create their own meanings as they go. its like they have a life of their own. I certainly never set out to comment or create a painting with meaning. with this one I liked the shape of the bare back and the butt, I liked the curves and basic shapes. bt now it has a life of its own and is open to interpretation.

As usual I invite comments and critique. or maybe your own thoughts as to what this means! 🙂

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