What has happened to my titles??


Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

This is a difficult nude I painted based on a very foreshortened pose. It was incredibly difficult to execute and Unfortunately i think that the work Involved has taken away some of the spontaneity. its a bit unfortunate but it has gotten great comments so far. I chose sepia tones mostly because I am out of black but also to create a warmer image than my previous and to play with some more colors.

I must apologize for the bad photo here, as it is still wet it is very glossy. I might take another later when it is dry. but it is oils so don’t hold your breath! Liam thinks this piece is more happy than the other nudes, my jury is out really it could be the tones in color because the actual pose is quite dark when you think about it.

so how do I feel about this one? I am pleased with the fact that I managed to relay the foreshortening and keep the proportions but I am not convinced it is one of my best. it is still a little clean and perhaps a little refined, less relaxed. I don’t have any interpretations at this stage, at one stage it looked like muscle fiber and he looked vaguely dead which was kind-of weird. now I don’t know, is it sensual? is it athletic? is it a murder scene? what is he thinking?

If you have any thoughts let me know or add a comment. I am also trying to think of titles for these pieces… our lines are open…

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