Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

Liam bought me this HUGE canvas to try on and this is the result. My works have been getting larger and larger. I think for now this is as big as I am comfortable with as it only barely fits on my easel.

This was a very fast painting working on foreshortening again and taking the figure as a whole rather than little sections. After blocking the canvas in a really watered Burnt Ochre and number 2 medium I sketched out the figure with the same color, undiluted. I really liked the sketchy look and backwiped one small section. This created a really interesting 3d effect. So, working in thick rough brushstrokes and creating highlights by wiping away traces of paint (which is why I had to work very very fast)

The result is a particularly textured and 3d effect that I am rather proud of. Liam and Dad both reacted very positively (ok small understatement) and I have to admit I cant take my eyes off it! it seems to be different from anything else and I am happy with it. The idea for the hair came from the idea that I wanted some color. It is also a huge change from the technique and looks quite glossy and nice. Hair is one of my sore points – I need to practice it more.

The title is pretty obvious but I chose red hair because the color would work particularly well (blonde not so much and dark would be too dark) I also chose it because the pose seems to have some unbridled sexuality and red hair is frequently considered a sexual and passionate color. This Photo really doesn’t do it justice at all. I will try to take a new one soon with more ambient light but this will do for now. I may do some detail shots too as there are many details which aren’t immediately apparent when you look at the whole thing (especially in photo size)

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