Surviving Interpretation…

the art life

A recent article in The Art Life which was particularly interesting. It breaks down basic eternal subjects and the nature of interpretation.

I am uncomfortable about this passage:

Australian artists who aspire to the kind of career that Hatoum has achieved should take note that any trace of discernable personal identity must be erased from their practice before they will be admitted to the international touring circuit of contemporary art. Expressionism will not be permitted. All work must service the ‘big idea’.

Is this really the future of art? I was always taught that we should develop our individual style and method of expression. History seems to support this as well. Then suddenly everything turned around and we need to be robots without injecting personality into our works? gu-wha?

ok, maybe I am dumb, but all I can see is the end of “Sunday in the Park with George” where the descendant of Georges Seurat keeps trying to recapture the talent of his famous ancestor but churns out 7 almost identical installations with lasers and fog machines and everything except artistic talent and passion. when seen in a counterpane to Act 1 where Seurat is working to develop his epic work, it becomes especially poignant that he just doesn’t seem to grok what art really is, he seems to flounder and try to create what people want him to create. Then of course, he finally sees the big picture (pun intended) and presumably goes on to become a real artist. this is what I get from the musical anyway.

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