‘Scream’ Theft Suspect Detained for Four Weeks

Entertainment News Article | Reuters.com The courts have ordered him detained while the search goes on. Hopefully this bodes very well! I have my fingers crossed. you know, they go on about the Scream (which is undoubtedly his mot famous work) but The Madonna was also stolen and I think it is a really great work. I love Munch.

In other news, a great exhibition is opening soon at the NVG International. With works by Goya, Durer and Picasso. I am looking forward to it immensely! The subject is grotesque and being a subject I particularly enjoy I am going to be first in line for this one!

Ok back to WoW now…

4 thoughts on “‘Scream’ Theft Suspect Detained for Four Weeks

  1. OOps, for some reason I read that as opening in May 😛

    bugger, I will go this weekend. Durer is pivotal because he was truly ahead of his time. Like Bosch, Durer was a visionary. Goya and Picasso of course were much later.

    I expect that this will represent a good cross section of several centuries worth of visionary art and I am really looking forward to it.

    The NGV website sucks though.

  2. (sorry, blogger doesn’t let me edit comments, so i had to delete and post again)

    Grotesque opened ages ago – in fact, it’s closing soon. It’s pretty good – I went and saw it with Daniel, Jean, and some others. Has a nice cheap catalog too. I don’t know why people get excited about Durer, but Goya, Blake, and a few others were pure genius.

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