Not much happened over the weekend art wise, it usually all happens on the weeknights – that may change now though as I have just gotten World of Warcraft. droool…

Mom is back from Japan, she has taken tons of photos for me that she thinks I might like to paint. This could be fun – I am beginning to get over nudes. I mean the human body is eternally fascinating but changing subjects is good too. I want to start playing with color more as well.

I am also working on getting my application for uni together, I need a transcript and to fill out a form for my RPL. It’s boring but necessary. I really haven’t had time to paint with all of this and dealing with the lawyers and everything.

Sigh, sometimes don’t you wish you could just curl up in bed and make the world go away? sorry I am boring lately, I will try to be better next time 😉

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