Affordable Art Show

I went to the Affordable Art Show with mom yesterday, not only did we have some great conversations on the way and way back where we talked candidly, she was most supportive and I feel better for everything we talked about. But this isn’t about mom and I, it’s about the show.

The Affordable Art Show (AAS because I cant be bothered typing) was fascinating. Some works were truly inspirational and original. I was highly impressed by a series of concert images (exhibited by Bus) which had an amazing energy, the use of color and the individual tiny portraits that all had character. There were some really amazing paintings, Several awful ones and many average ones. It was interesting to see the trends and the artists who tried to do something different and the ones who wanted to create something in fashion.

Ok, what is with this Trend of the highly distorted cartoony faces with the wide set eyes, eyelashes and oval faces? I must have seen 20 galleries exhibiting works like this all by different artists but all vaguely similar. How dull. I will do an impression of one and put it up (rather than take an artists representation and offend them – I do have some scruples).

I am, however, intrigued by the realism trend which seems vaguely Jeffrey Smartish with tiny brush strokes meticulous composition and detail. I am glad many artists seem to be inspired by his work but many of their emulative pieces appeared to err on the side of sterility. Smart Balances this up with the bright colors and offset symmetry but many of these pieces had subdued colors, perfectly symmetrical compositions and ended up being blah. a very interesting contrast.

the other ones I took a bit of exception to were the ones that looked like they were from changing rooms. You know the type I mean. But anyway, the wierdest thing of all was that mom and I would look at a piece and she would ask about the techniques involved, the imagery and why she liked a piece. It is really bizarre to be in a teaching format with a parent. It was also bizarre that I have retained everything I learned in Art History and have osmosed techniques I have never tried before.

Anyway, so now I feel vindicated regarding paintings, realism appears to still be popular as do nudes. Classic realism with a contemporary twist appears to be best! So I am pretty much on target I guess, these art shows are so interesting!

2 thoughts on “Affordable Art Show

  1. Where was the AAS held this year?
    I’ve not lived in Melbourne for a very long time although I do visit regularly enough.
    Do you know when the show finishes?

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