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I found this site looking around for the libretto for “you’re a good man Charlie Brown” and thought it was worth advertising. I am very into musicals (well, duh) but especially at the moment I am listening to nothing but. it is really sad, I paint and sing along to showtunes. it is a happy making thing – and sometimes a maudlin making thing (especially with Les Mis!) but whatever floats your boat right?

mostly I am listening to Charlie Brown, Les Mis, Jekyll and Hyde, Producers, Avenue Q and lots o Sondheim. it is all good.

yeah I know I am boring right now, WoW will do that to people!

2 thoughts on “Showtunes

  1. When I was a kid I had “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” on vinyl.
    I found it hard to reconcile the adult singing with the kids characters.
    Snoopy sings a song called Suppertime right?

  2. Yup, actually suppertime is one of the best pieces, it is a typical big show number and really funny.

    I had the good luck to see YaGMCB at Chapel off Chapel (in Melbourne) and it was amazing, I highly recommend it to fans of the strip as it has so many references!

    we all laughed our pants off, I dont remember the last time I laughed so hard, especially at a musical!

    as for the adults, it worked surprisingly well, the voices were all characterized and the costumes and sets very simple which helped to suspend the disbelief of seeing adults playing kids roles.

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