ok, I have updated my profile. It seemed a bit stupid to have my old profession seeing as it appears that it will probably be a long while yet before I am well enough to start looking for work again, let alone get another job (considering that everyone will be afraid of workcover claims). *sigh* its ok though, I am over corporate land for a while anyway.

The lawyers think I have a good case for “permanent disability”, I have mixed feelings about this. we will see in another 6 months or so (it needs to be 18 months after the accident) it also depends on how they assess impairment. *sigh again*

This will teach me to update on my life while ValJean is dying…

Meanwhile, I have added some links to arty blogs that I am currently reading and some other arty links I am using and enjoying. This will expand as I find more, if you would like to be included let me know!

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