I cant enter the names of these works in any Shows without titles!

Titles to me are very important. I like having a name that raises questions about the piece, perhaps the questions I have in my mind when doing the work. I usually like one word titles that are reasonably descriptive but hopefully thought provoking.

I am personally not happy with ‘untitled’ or the new trend of ‘untitled (insert title that is not important enough to be a title but is impoirtant enough to be a subtext title in parentheses)’

if anyone can think of a title for these pieces I would appreciate it –

Titles I have kicked around are:






Maybe reading back over the original blog entries may help – I know I posted all this for a reason!

One thought on “Eek!

  1. Hmmm. How about ‘bud’ or’budding’ for the top one? For the more frontal one, maybe ‘knot’, ‘contorted’or ‘enfolded’?

    Maybe too late for your entry deadline, sorry. šŸ˜¦

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