Works in Progress 2

Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

This is the next step in my musician piece. His face is now almost completely done, I am obviously still working on the shirt – although the subject is wearing a T I am thinking of making it a shirt shirt or polo so that he looks less like he is at the hairdressers!

I wanted to preserve how he looks this way as the next few stages are going to be very complex and could destroy the entire work.

This is one of my most complex pieces to date, the glazing means that I have to take my time as each layer needs to dry completely. It feels wired to be working with dry paint after working so long with wet on wet.

I am very pleased with the textures on his face, the skin is translucent and sort of crepey which is appropriate for his age. I am not so happy with the composition in general, I feel there is too much space dedicated to his shirt where I wanted his face more centered with his chin almost on the bottom. But ah well, art is like that I guess!

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