New Website!

I have almost finished my professional website so I thought I would post the link here (as it has managed to get around to my family and a few others already! – Not My Fault!!!)

I feel a bit dubious about the bio – it feels a little overly wanky to me but it is the Done Thing. And it would look really brief without it! I am going to flesh it out over a while but I needed something up to point to now.

I am still doing some final tweaks but its Here:

Mind you, I tweak every website I make to DEATH… Or at least the ones for me..

The great people at are to thank, brilliant free websites and email – the platinum plan for a whopping US$9.95 per year is very sexy indeed. I splashed out… The support is brilliant and the guy who runs it is very hands on.

Sorry to run a bit of a plug but a good service should be applauded!

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