Moving right along…

The house is a complete mess as we are moving soon. Boxes and piles of stuff everywhere. This is, however, the most organized move we have ever had. It is a good thing to move with a few weeks to pack and prepare, a good weekend to move big stuff and a week for that final crossover time. Usually we have the crazy weekend from hell with the packing, moving and cleaning happening all at once. This results in ostracized friends, stress, lost things, stress, an eon unpacking, and a mess at both ends. I prefer this way. Even the evil telstra connections will be good as I arranged them early so all of the installations will be done while we are moving so I can supervise unpacking and installation all at the one time!

Oh and we are getting foxtel IQ mmmmm- time to watch the shows I never actually get to see because of the stupid times they are on…

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