It all seemed so simple, so organized – who could know it could be such a cludge? oy! between the internet, foxtel and phone and the multiple moronic telstra people I had to deal with I am about ready to cry!

the plan was that the foxtel guy would install the port for the internet at the same time as the foxtel port. easy right? yeah right. I spent over an hour on the day being shunted between departments while they all told me that they couldn’t issue the work order, and no he cant do that kind of work and why would someone tell me he could? I absolutely lost it at them in the end – got me a free internet install so that is probably ok (on thursday which is the soonest they could arrnge for someone else to come out because they couldn’t arrange a 5b form). if it wasn’t for the fact that the place it needed to be installed had a desk near it (not blocking exactly but a bit in the way) and for insurance reasons he couldn’t move it. thats fine but I couln’t either. so we have a very ugly splitter in the living room now. but at least I have a net connection!

then there was the phone line.

the previous owners installed an optus port and spack fillered over the old telstra port. a simple problem, we just need a new port put in – right? yeah right. another hour on the phone explaining to various telstra drones this problem. ‘so you cant get a dial tone?’ there is no port. ‘so calls arent connecting?’ no there is no plug to plug the phone into. ‘but our computers are saying there is a line there’ yes there was – then they removed it and installed optus- the wires are probably still good ‘so you arent getting a dial tone?’ AAARRRGGG!!

The house is really great, we are almost completely settled now, I have a dedicated studio with fantastic light and the wardrobe of my dreams. I have been unpacking pretty much solid since Saturday (well – what I could unpack..) and it is almost done – its the most moved in we have ever been! I have no plans to move from this spot for a LONG time.

One thought on “WAAH!

  1. But … but … you HAVE to move, and soon – I WANTS THAT HOUSE!! 🙂

    And Jennie is playing down that wardrobe … the walk in robe in the master bedroom has its own window, for crying out loud!!

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