Assignments again…

I have been slack while we have been settling in and I have also been playing with some of my other favorite art forms, namely cooking and sewing. but I need to get going on my assignments so here is the first one.

the assignment was to research artists who use multiples in some way. and use their techniques to create our own work. resisting the urge to do someone like jenna Jameson, I chose Escher. Noone else chose him and I love his works. he is also a god of multiples, lets be honest.

This was harder than it seemed although assisted greatly with fireworks. I tried to create something original from scratch, only to find it much harder than it looks. I based my work very loosely on the heaven and hell litho and worked with some of my own interests.

I am quite happy with the way it turned out in the end, it was very complicated designing the interlocking parts then calculating all the geometry but working hard soetimes creates a better feeling of satisfaction at the end!

After panicking greatly about my folio submission and some works specifically I ended up geetting a high distinction. She particularly liked my collage of all things:
“your tonal collage is fantastic, i really like the way the windows are constructed, through tone, i wouldn’t worry about the neat or not being exactly straight up and down, i enjoy the expressive nature of the structure, quite fragile yet a sense of strength instilled. ”

Woah! cool!

this next folio is very tough and I am worried about my next mark – I hate the way my brain can’t just be satisfied with a good mark. I always feel a need to exceed each previous mark.

Stinky overachievers!

One thought on “Assignments again…

  1. Don’t stress too much, Jennie. Art assessments are so subjective that your next folio could be an order of magnitude better, and you could still get a lesser mark. (not bitter at all ;-))

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