Turns out I am Stronger than I thought I was! The subject for these images was ‘street’. The assignment was to experiment an be adventurous. I was having difficulty working out what to do for street until I was inspired last night. it was not a good inspiration even though I knew it was the right path. Art involves pushing the envelope and working outside your comfort zone, emotionally as well as technically.


The first image is my interpretation of ‘street’ I am particularly, um, pleased I guess, at how it turned out, it communicates the horror of our accident very well. I was concerned about using the collage crumpled car but I think it shows the extent of the damage and how metal can be just like paper. The drips and roughness evolved in the work but really represent blood and tears and pain – I think they are effective. It really is drawn directly from my memories and represents my feelings quite accurately. It represents Liam’s as well as he turned pale and walked out as soon as he saw it. That is a compliment of sorts.

The second work is taking the original image and doing it in a style inspired by a specific artist (one who has also addressed “streets”) This was a really obvious choice for me. Jeffrey Smart has painted streets many times! I chose to readdress the composition style in a way that was more Smartish, with a traffic light as the key subject. the ambulance fades into the background and the accident is implied rather than explicitly stated. While the light from the ambulance is probably not in his style I added them in as I felt it was better for composition. There was no way I could paint the car again, it was just too emotional.

Click on the images to get a larger one. These photographs are rubbish and it is hard to make out the detail but I will redo them soon. right now I need my rest, I am still not recovered.

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