its off!

well my final folio is off. with a whole 1/2 hour to spare! phooey to those people who didn’t think I could get it done! 😛 actually seeing as they are in perth I think I had 2 hours to spare but anyway… its off! I used my visual diary a lot more this time and there was a lot of writeup to do but I am confident I have included everything and have done a good job. I changed the format of my diary presentation and it works better. not to mention the fact that it was easier that way than the previous way!

anyway. I get a whole weekend off now (to attend another wedding which will be nice!) then I get stuck into marketing and my next subject. I am glad I am only doing one per study period. it may seem light but it means I can really work hard and have plenty of time to rest in between. more than one would be too physically intensive for me these days. plus I want time to work on my own stuff as my plans for next year are looking quite good!

I put myself up on I may start selling some works on it as it offers those facilities. I am considering selling prints online too but I need to decide if it is worth the outlay cost. it is all in the aid of driving business to my site and getting more work out there. people comment on the works as they please and it is really good to get such nice reactions. I have a limit to the amount of images I can post per month so there isn’t much on there right now but feel free to have a look around!

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