The joys of Impasto

Impasto Portrait
Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

I have been trying to work on my assignments but I am having a hard time physically so it isn’t easy. I had to push myself through the Christmas/New Years period as I was determined to not let it get in the way and now I am paying for it. My doctors are back now though which is good so I have gotten an adjustment and some more meds (to add to the meds I am already taking) and we are going to hope it goes away reasonably fast. unfortunately this is the way things are right now – I choose what I want to do and then I pay for it. so I make every second count of the things that I do choose. If I have to pay then I may as well feel good about what I am paying for!!

This month is packed and I am going to try to get to as many things as I can. I don’t have resolutions but I do have some plans. most of them are art related obviously. I am planning some series and some shows as well as some long term marketing strategies I hope will serve me well. I can see a path unfolding in front of me and if I stick to my guns I think it will work out well. I hope so!

anyway, this is a painting I have been working on (non assignment work) at first it was a response to an assignment that.. got out of hand. I mentioned a while back that I was working on a painting and nothing I was doing would work so I relegated the canvas to impasto. well I thought I would use this as an attempt at an assignment but I sort of lost track of the assignment and this is the result. I am so happy with the effect that I am going to base a series around it. The photograph is appalling. it is very hard to photograph impasto and high texture so I will try again later. I need to do my assignments though! I am going to do some out tonight and will try to get some more done over the weekend. I have asked for an extension but I am hoping that it will not be necessary.

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