Figure Focus

Background focus

I am quite happy with my 1.5 hour studies, they are not bad. I think I captured Liam quite well and did some of my better hair and fabric studies. the assignment was to work 1 hour 29 minutes on the figure and 1 min on background and the reverse it. I quite like them. it causes you to think about what is important to include.



I am not so happy with my near/far and top/bottom still lifes. The painting technique is pretty bad. I glued three mini canvasses on a board and wrapped the painting around the canvasses and the main one onto the board. if that makes sense. I had to integrate near, far and mid distance into the one work. then do the same with top, bottom and middle. they are cute but pretty sloppy. The canvasses are about 2 in square and the bigger one about 2×4 I guess.

Now I have spaces in between to do and finalizing my movement shot.

Tomorrow I will do my 9 small time based pieces. then it will be ready to hand in. well, once I work the presentation anyway!

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