Is Art Your Calling?

This article is really beautiful. It makes me think. I have been concentrating a fair bit on marketing lately and something like this really does remind me about the joy of creating. not that I ever lose that, I try to dedicate time each day to painting or drawing and when I need to rest and lie down I work on marketing then. This excerpt and trackback is from Art Marketing Secrets and is a really entertaining and useful blog.

Do you ever feel that art is your calling – That one true thing that anchors your purpose and gives you love, hope, and meaning each day?

Maybe you are an artist who feels spirit move through you as you transfer paint to canvas or paper. Maybe you are a gallerist or curator who basks in the feeling of the perfect musical note when your exhibition is perfectly organized and hung. Or, perhaps an art dealer who realizes great joy by being the essential conduit through which art finds its place in the world of man.

If so, count yourself as truly blessed, for this is a rare and beautiful opportunity you have been given to grow and prosper.

For the full article please go to Art Marketing Secrets

One thought on “Is Art Your Calling?

  1. Hi Jennie,
    Glad that you enjoyed this article and thanks for your nice words. It was a joy to write and I totally lost myself for a couple of hours.

    Your blog is great – I really enjoy the way you share your process and are so open about your feelings and growth as you work. You use the work “frankly” a lot and I guess that says a lot about you:)

    Say Hi to Melbourne for me. I lived there for 5 years before leaving for the U.S. 10 years ago. Althought I love New York more than any city, Melbourne is definitely in my top 5 favorites. I still miss the great coffee and real european pastries in St Kilda and sometimes I still find myself dreaming of riding my boogie board down the Great Ocean Road.

    Take Care and enjoy your calling!


    Art Marketing Secrets.

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