Generating website Traffic This is a really fascinating article and it is great to see an approach for more advanced users as well as things that newbies can use. I am still trying to optimize my page with RSS syndication and keywords, it seems to be getting results already but I am looking forward to applying more of these techniques to further my site and exposure. Increasingly the web is the ideal marketing starting point for artists. it is inexpensive to start up (free in my case) and can be expanded as we start earning more money. I center a lot of marketing around drawing people and galleries to my site. While I do not conduct sales via my site I have sold all over the world as a result. Galleries can find more time for sites and look through them at will where making appointments to view printed folios is more time consuming. The main issue here is the lack of personal interaction. I try to make my invitations to view personal and inviting and I contact the galleries again to renew that sense of human contact. The only other item I would add as an addition to the RSS feeds and articles sections that works well for online exposure are weblogs. my blog has generated a lot of traffic for my site and presents me as a person rather than a sum of my online galleries. I focus on my process and my work in my blog and look at art news and works in progress and aim to create a human and personal touch.

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