Too Busy

I have had a busy time and have not updated my blog. I have finished my painting and varnished it, now I just await a good tome to photograph it. A number of shows have sent me their information and I have to sift through it all and decide what to send and get my forms prepared. I have also been sewing and thinking about my installation assignments.

This Folio is the most difficult I have faced. The entire folio is based around a site and thanks to my disabilities I am limited to my lovely back yard. I will set the scene. my back yard has a couple of plants. a really nice tree, a hills hist and a garage. behind the garage are some cinder blocks, some times, a bit of metal, some wood and an old washing machine.

First assignment is to ‘map’ the site in four works, wet or dry media. it can be strait pictures, proper mapping or anything as long as there is an idea of the area and what we have to work with.

Second assignment is to create a work out of a large folding map (of anywhere) based on the site. sort of map the map with a map – get it?

Third assignment is where it gets hard. I need to create an ‘earthworks’ using materials found on my site to the theme of mapping, intersection or Transformation. That means I need to create an installation out of stuff in my yard that means something about those words.

The Final key assignment is to make a ‘collection’ from my site and document it, then make something out of it. The something needs to be a box shape with limited dimensions with the theme transformation, intersect and crossing.

of all of these I have an idea for one. count it. one. The box thingy might be a sort of coffin with the theme ‘you can’t take it with you’ . Thats my only idea. the mapping I might do as plein air or I might create landscaping maps.. or something along those lines.. they are supposed to be seen as a set but I might vary the techniques and draw it all in with the subject matter.

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