After my rant I did feel a lot better, thankyou to all those wonderful people who emailled me to let me know I had their support, it makes me feel good inside to know I have such good friends.

I have been busy this past week and a bit. I have been busy not dwelling on things for a start. when I am depressed for any reason I bury myself in work. I have been pretty bad due to another fall so I have been tking out my busymakingness on my computer. and canvasses, and show applications, and the SCA and blogging.

Blogging you ask? but this is your first blog post in donkeys yonks…

yes. yes it is.. here…

but the lovely people at Blogexplosion have started up a new free blogging community.
BlogCharm has several things to recommend it:

* It is in BETA so I can talk to them about improvements for Mac users. (blogger has very few options for a mac user like me) and they are listening.
* Having only just started I can get the URLs I want
* They have really nice templates that are better written, more compliant with W3C and easier to edit and customize.
* They have categories and trackbacks, friends, file management and link management.
* They have a really nice network and community feel, I like the ‘friends’ idea particularly.
* There is a good support system, forums and a willingness to listen to users
And finally
* When they launch in March they will be paying their users.
Oh yes, you heard it right. the user benefits from advertising sold, page views, posting and many other benefits. It goes to Paypal.

There are some downsides.. Such as little mac support now (like the WYSIWYG interface being..well..not..) and not having integration with API or Flickr- but A few people have made the suggestions and I think they will be heard.

Basically I think Blogcharm currently has a lot of the features I like from Blogger and Live Journal but it is better set up than blogger and prettier than LJ (sorry Guys!)

So. I will be Phasing out this blog and taking everything across to my new BC blogs. Yes I have a few. I have decided to start writing about some of the things I have been thinking of for ages that would work well in a blog setting (and seeing I will get dosh for it I saw no reason not to!)Therefore I have my art blog, My dream blog and my SCA blog There maybe a standard personal one at some stage too but we shall see.

A summary:
The art blog is what this one started out being. It is a place for art news, my work, WIPs and musings on the art industry. The address is http://blogcharm.com/jennie it is also syndicated on my website.

My dream blog is something of a social experiment. I am writing up my freaky ass dreams and hoping to find some pattern. I am inviting anyone and everyone to comment on the dreams and write up their ideas on what they might mean or similar dreams and such. The address for that is: http://blogcharm.com/nightmare

The SCA blog is a documentation diary, garb diary etc for my garb and for Liam’s. as a Chinese persona is quite rare and there isn’t much good information out there I am hoping to provide a bit of a resource. plus its a good place for me to keep my ideas straight for him! The address is:http://blogcharm.com/sca

See what I mean by the URLs? 😛 Anyway, another long post, sorry about that.

3 thoughts on “Well!

  1. How does one get an RSS feed?

    They say they have RSS feeds, but I can’t see the autodiscovery link, nor a manual one. The site doesn’t seem to have any actual help document, and the FAQ (when you find it) doesn’t mention RSS. The “RSS Tools” link on the front page literally goes nowhere.


  2. Oops, I meant to fix that 😛 Thanks for reminding me. There is now a link to the site feed under my avatar. its a bit cludgy, I have mentioned to them that RSS doesn’t autodiscover.

  3. Could you also ask them to put dates in the RSS feed?

    My aggregator kinda needs them (that’s how it sorts entries), and it looks like they have absolutely no dates in there…–>

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