Image by Jennie (c).

I had a breakthrough and revised the textiles completely in a massive paint attack! I am now very happy with the textiles – they have weight and are hanging well.

Bre is almost completely done now, I want to tidy the edges and brighten a couple of highlights but she will be ready to give to the girl in question and her mom on Friday.

I have got a couple of new paintings cooking in my head that I am looking forward to painting up which is good and a couple of exciting things on the go so things are really looking up!

On a personal note, I went to see a specialist at the victorian rehabilitation center today. He was recommended by my lawyers and my doctor was only too happy for me to get yet another opinion. Well, after a lengthy consultation with the specialist and his partner, the results were both good and bad. Its good that they ratified my doctors opinions that I am broken and are happy to back my claim but its bad because I am broken! The Specialist wanted his partner to come take a look and confirm his findings which is a little disturbing, They seemed quite concerned which is good and bad as well!

Anyway, They want me to go straight in for an MRI and start on a Pain Management program at the rehabilitation center. I think this will be a really good step forward for me. Any opportunity to manage my pain is good.

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