A new experiment

Image by Jennie (c).

This was an experiment based on my turps glazing technique. I had this one cooking in my mind for some time. I was given this canvas as a part of a big group that my mother gave em for my birthday – she looked for interesting shapes and sizes to keep me playing

Admittedly the color choices are because I thought the shape would go well above our TV – I will sell it eventually but for now I can enjoy it there. the pose idea came from the thought that I wanted a nice elongated shot – full body.

I was blocking in the first stroke of red, not really sure what I wanted to du when I noticed it bleeding down the canvas beautifully – so, with purpose drive and ambition I took my nice wide blocking brush and painted wide streaks of different reds and browns to create an effective bleeding pattern.

Then I was left with a crucial decision, difficult though it may be – do I leave The canvas the way it was, pretty, toned, abstract or did I take the risk in losing the lovely patterns and go for the next level in the experiment? I actually carried it to the wall, looked at it for a bit then decided to risk it.

I am quite take with this technique that I have used a couple of times now so I thought to create a variation on that technique with a simple pose and outlined body. It was not without its screams of outrage and pain but I am actually quite pleased with the look. I would like to try it again a little cleaner now that I know some of the pitfalls. The proportions are a bit off and I think its all about the booty, especially as the curves of the hip and booty work so well together!

This painting is currently untitled, if you would like to suggest a title please leave me a comment!

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