We Knew it was coming…

“Artstar” is an eight-week reality-TV series in which eight artists, age 22 to 67, vie for an exhibition at a popular New York gallery. All involved should be ashamed of themselves, but, hey, dude, it’s, like, a new age and, basically, here’s something amazing that will resonate, totally and absolutely.

From the Chicago Tribune

I was wondering when they would come up with this.. it seemed inevitable. and of course I will watch it on Foxtel when it comes out here! (in about 2 years or so…) I would love to go on something like this actually, I always wonder how pwoplw know when a reality show is casting and how to apply, especially with a new reality show.

I admit I am slightly addicted to The Amazing Race, America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway. Liam and I always yell at the TV and tell everyone what they are doing wrong. strangely, they don’t listen but we try anyway. 🙂

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