No Use Crying…

Martin White from the United Kingdom will soon create an installation called “Spilt Milk”. The dairy hygiene inspector is pouring 5,000 liters or 8,800 pints into a dish and will wait for it to go off.
I’m not sure if it’s art, or even if it’s rational, but his message behind the work is that dairy farming is in decline

From Art News Blog

I wonder about a lot of this sort of artwork. I understand that the point is to make an ironic comment, but I sort of wonder if this will actually benefit the dairy industry in any way.

Is this merely a vehicle for the artist or is it a genuine call for help for the flagging dairy industry? the cynical part of me says it’s all about the artist and the drive for publicity and that the dairy industry, or even the farmers directly involved won’t see a dime.

And Imagine the Smell!

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