With great changes comes great responsibility…

I am making an effort to construct a more professional blogging image and take my blog to the next level. So, I am writing a list, here of my blogging goals. I will revisit these in about 6 months to see how they are going as I always seem to revise my blog every 6 months or so.

Here are my commandments.

  1. Thou shalt post better, stronger faster. Most people would probably say to post more often- I do want to stop leaving dead gaps and try to put something in every day, but mostly I want to make sure my posts are more varied, artistic and interesting. I want to include more art world news and the random musings you’ve all grown to hate or love! I want to delve more into aesthetics and art philosophy as well as some self analysis.
  2. Thou shalt market my blog more fully. As it is duplicated on my website I tend to market my official website less than my blog. I shall use the wise ways of technorati and de.li.cio.us. .and it shall be good…
  3. Thou shalt encourage comments in all things. but ye shalt be damned if thou shouldst spam me. I love comments, I really enjoy getting into discussions with people over topics. By this I plan to respond to all comments and to adhere to my first new commandment. Don’t correct my bad pseudo-biblical english though or I shall be forced to get biblical on thy ass. And by that I don’t mean your donkey.
  4. Thou shalt remember that the spellcheck is not thy only tool and re-read posts before sending them to check for glaring errors.
  5. Thou shalt also remember that to err is human and not beat thyself up if one of these slips occasionally. it happens. but don’t let it become a habit! (and on the topic of spell checkers – why is “shat” in there but not “shalt”?)
  6. Thou Shalt play more with wordpress for it is good There is so much to learn but it is so powerful. Thou shalt build in interactivity and static pages and make it a force to be reckoned unto itself.
  7. Thou shalt burn thy feeds! I need to do more with my feedburner feeds. for they are good also. Yey.
  8. Thou shalt treasure thy timesaving measures. Such as my posting widget and The Link This Button.
  9. Thou shalt build a mighty blogroll and this blogroll shall reach unto the skies and it shall be informative and properly categorized.
  10. Thou shalt remember about having a life and stop posting all bloody night! Sleep is good…

11 thoughts on “With great changes comes great responsibility…

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  2. “Thou shalt market my blog more fully. As it is duplicated on my website I tend to market my official website less than my blog. I shall use the wise ways of technorati and de.li.cio.us. .and it shall be good…”

    How do you use technorati and del.icio.us? Just curious if you have secrets to share.

  3. I wish! I’ve done some experimenting with Technorati tags at the end of each post which has been quite good, I’m hoping that the migration to WordPress will help accelerate this as it integrates better.

    As far as Del.icio.us (which I have difficulty remembering how to type) I am just starting on that. I’m hoping it will evolve more as I learn more about it. I also want to look at lenses and Digg and probably more linking to other sites within posts. I am using feed flares through feedburner to make my feed more interactive and assist with this as well.

    I forgot to mention that I am also looking at blog carnivals for marketing and traffic generation. they seem to be intelligent ways to get my blog out there. I have had some good results with this already so I need to keep momentum going.

  4. Very nice posts and solemn pledges. I wish that you can implement them totally and this way you will be a top blogger soon. I can see here that you are blogging since January 2005. So, you are an experienced blogger and from this posting, I can touch that you know about blogging a lot.

  5. Thankyou all so much 😀 I feel a bit bad about mixing a spiderman reference with a biblical one but oh well!

    Now I need to see if I can stick to them 🙂

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  7. Should I start with a confession? I have never been much of a friend of the bible. Thus it was difficult to read the rules. With great pain comes great learning. I managed to read them all, but found number 9 useless. On other rules, follow them and many blessings art thou to have.

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