WiP Royal Portrait – Last one for a while!


Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

I worked on further glazing on the textiles last night as well as some small details like the crowns and jewelry. it is coming along but I need to put it aside.

I am running out of time to move on to the next portrait. It has to be done by the 24th whereas this one can actually wait. I wanted to present them on the same night but I am worried that the time pressure on this one may be hampering it’s development. if I leave it off to another event I can probably relax into it some more and let it evolve on it’s own terms.

The next painting will be a more relaxed scene and hopefully will be a little less static. I am looking forward to it, I am going to work harder on keeping the technique period though, with the development of this piece and all the troubles I had to forgo the flemish technique a little.

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