Currently Untitled

Currently Untitled

Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

This is my latest piece, I’ve been working on it all week. The photo isn’t very good, its hard to photograph during winter in Melbourne, the light is so blue! This is richer looking in person, I am planning on shooting some more photos when the light improves. or you can come see it at my upcoming group show! (blatant plug)

This is using the same technique I have been using for this series but with a series of glazes on the fabric. I started experimenting with colors and I am very happy with the results. the background has a few glazes as well to add depth.

I am having difficulty deciding on a title for this one, so I am leaving it up to you. Here are some of my thoughts: Caress, Vulnerable, Security.

if you have any suggestions for titles, either these or others, or some thoughts on this work, please add a comment below.

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