WIP – Bre Day 2

Image by Jennie (c).

today I worked almost entirely on the face. I brought up the colors, freshened the different levels then focussed on refining the shape. some of this was done through tone and some through shade. I wanted to bring some warm light and different values in so I worked from my skin tone with sienna and worked it in from there.

A lot of this was worked with glazes and working them back into the painting. slow work at best! I almost muffed it a few times just by having too much medium on my brush! I am happier with the face, I probably have another session to go there. I also glazed more cream, warm light and white onto the veil and sleeve. just building the different values of light at this stage, the detail will come later.

This photo is much larger than the actual painting. from the top of the veil to the chin is about one Inch to let you know.

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