It constantly amazes me how many variations of this technique I can use. they keep appearing and evolving. Usually I change my techniques around, experimenting, trying new things out. Since this show and my decision to use the same technique throughout I have discovered the joy of refining a technique and expanding on it. developing it further. I never thought I would be so excited to constantly use the same technique! Each painting seems to have it’s own unique flavor and feeling to it. I am enjoying the progress very much

Is the title Wet too much? is it too pornographic and off putting? I was thinking about it in terms of the reflections and pose and it is the name the painting told me but but I wonder if it is now too ‘in your face’ What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Wet

  1. I like the shapes of the nude and the sepia-tone colours. That is despite what I am about to say: The overall shape of the boobs reminds me of cashews! Can you see it? Or is it just my pattern recognition gone haywire?

  2. Well, she seems to be glistening with moisture. My immediate impression is that she has oil on her skin, like a tanning oil or similar. I don’t find the title offensive, but it may be that I’m difficult to offend. 🙂

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