Well! the pieces are in the gallery, being hung as I type. I am quite excited as Tony, the gallerist, seems to be inspired about hanging and has some great ideas about how to hang my works so I have decided to place it all in his hands and trust the expert! This is something I learned from Project Management and event management – choose people you can trust to do the job then step back and let them do it! Almost everything is ready, I need to finish the price lists, choose an outfit and get my book all ready to go and I am done! with plenty of time for some pampering and a chance to remove the final vestiges of paint from my nails.

My studio looks so empty now…

3 thoughts on “Done!

  1. I wish you the very, very best of luck. I’m unlikely to get into town to see the show at all, though I would so love to see your work in the flesh. Ah well. Maybe one day. Meanwhile, remember to breathe – and don’t forget to enjoy yourself! 😉

  2. The showing was very good. My close friends Rick & Marie contributed the bubbly from their Brandy Creek Winery. Thanks guys.

    Didn’t Jennie look beautiful? I liked her outfit as well. My friend Hazel loved the ballerina painting especially.

    All in all, a very good night

  3. Aww thanks 😀 Shucks.. 😳 And a lot of people commented on the Champagne too. very nice.

    Brandy Creek is in Drouin and is a wonderful winery, beautiful wines, and apparently the Tapas is to die for. must take some friends up there soon.. I would link to their website but they don’t seem to have one! 😉

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