And Then…

Phoenix …Then, I decided to revisit the pose in a palette knife piece when I found myself in a zone with nothing to do! I think it is interesting, completely different from my other works and very bold.

Oddly, I did this in acrylics and have learned a few cool things about them, they could be my new friends. On the up side they are smooth, almost sloppy and dry quickly, good for fast palette knife work. they are also less toxic which is good and apparently can build good texture when mixed with an impasto medium. When I got used to the feel I enjoyed the slippery texture combined with my palette knife. the downside follows mostly the sloppy texture. It turns out to be incredibly easy to slop absolutely everywhere including my floor, easel and myself. I thought I was mucky before! whew! It also turns out that acrylics are harder to get off the hardwood floor than oils. oy!

Anyway, I think the comparison and evolution between these two images is apt. they both use a rough look, similar pose and adventurous colors (at least for me). The drawing feels like a light celebration, frothy happiness. the shaping of the arms seems more open and fresh. The painting, on the other hand, feels more like acceptance against all odds, railing in the face of fire, facing up to anything and everything. At least that is how it feels to me – What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “And Then…

  1. I see the emotions you describe, especially the yeilding wholeheartedly to fate thing, but I also see yearning.

    Acrylic paint is sloppy, messy wonderful stuff that invites you to really slather it on. I use layered disposable floor coverings of varying kinds in my art area to protect the actual floor. Could you use old rugs, lino offcuts, tarps or drop-sheets? Or would they just be an added tripping hazard?

  2. Thankyou both so much 😀 I want to do some more paintings like this.

    I think I may have to resurface my floor by the end though! I might look for a surface at bunnings…

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