Here we Go Again!

You know how I said I wasn’t going to do another show until i had build a bigger body of work? um.. yeah.. Well, sometimes opportunities come along and they are just perfect. Sometimes, when fate bashes down your door you just have to grab it with both hands.

Northcote in September is home to the High Vibes Festival. For one day and evening High St lights up in a huge music festival. Last year had 90,000 visitors. High St Northcote is also home to Vanguard Gallery, who contacted me the other day to see if I was able to do a show from the 19th of September through to the 7th of October. I had concerns about being able to get a complete solo show ready in 5 weeks so, rather than compromise my vision, jeopardize my body or produce less than a-grade art I decided it would be best to work it as a group show. Eugene, the curator, hooked me up with two talented artists that he thought might mesh well and I think that this show is really going to Pop!

There will be two big nights. The opening and the High Vibes festival day. The festival will have a band going in the gallery and I am hoping it will be really big! The show will be running for 3 weeks and I already feel that I have made some better decisions. I have a strong vision for my paintings and am really hyped. I learned so much from the previous show that I will be able to bring to this one. I feel very well prepared- even if the show is on in just over a month.

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