Warp – 13x19cm Watercolor on Paper

Warp I 19×13 Watercolor and Pencil on Cold Pressed paper   It’s been a challenge creating and uploading these small artworks, but a real pleasure as well. the color and delightful shapes of the human form just continue to thrill me. this one is available on my website, along with all the others at http://www.jennierosenbaum.com and…

You can’t force artists to classify their art

There is talk in Australia, once again, of limiting artists rights. I am likely to offend people with these statements and I don’t care. Ratings classifications don’t belong in the arts. Frankly they barely belong in movies. Most people fail to notice them with regards to tv and movies and still they complain. Bill Henson…

achieving my goals bit by bit…Online

I have the software, the knowledge, I just don’t have any excuses. my facebook page is going really strong, it could use some videos, some more images (must paint must paint) and a nice branded landing page. something to entice. that’s next weeks project. as far as redesigning my webpage goes, I’ve been using iweb with some haxies to create my page, and it’s good, it’s certainly easy and it doesn’t distract me with fun code to play with, but I need to step it up a bit.

being and artist and a mother need not be impossible

(this works for cleaning too 🙂 have a list of goals for your art, your marketing and keep them in mind. make sure they are achievable and excite you. set particular goals for each year. this year I am focussing on creating works and marketing online, I have stepped back on exhibiting, but I am getting my gallery list together and starting to plan my calendar for next year. keep a sketchbook with you for quick ideas and sketches. no matter what you are doing there is always time for thinking about art!

Nude of the Week – Standpoint Daz Render

Wavelength Daz|Studio and Realityrender Reality is a new bridge for Daz|Studio and Lux Render. it’s a physically based render engine, which means that it calculates the actual physics behind the lights, reflections and the way that light actually works. it produces outstanding effects but means that you have to re-learn everything you knew about how Daz lighting works and go back to original photographic lighting concepts. this is pretty cool, and I can see so many applications for artists who work mostly in still life. it creates volumetric glass, proper metallic reflections, and wonderful realistic water effects. sadly it also requires a pretty powerful machine – my computer just wasn’t up for anything more complex than this!