100_3130.JPGSome days it’s just not worth getting up.. Today was not one of those days!

The TAC payment seems to be finally sorted out and I awoke to an email from BoundlessGallery.com to tell me that I sold this painting! hooray! now I am looking into all my shipping options to send the piece to the States. It’s pretty damn cool.. and completely unexpected! I like the way Boundless have organized everything. good communication and information for everything,

I woke up feeling better too. Thanks to all my well wishers, now that everything has been adjusted it is settling down a bit, I am hoping that all my work trying to build up my strength will assist in a speedier recovery. I really want to get back into my studio and paint!!

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One thought on “W00T!

  1. I admire your strength and passion, but pace yourself. Exhaustion comes too quickly if you are not strong, and strength comes too slowly if you are often exhausted. 😛

    Congratulations on your sale – the buyer is a lucky person indeed.

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