Hype Revisited

Grr it sucks so much, I have had a major crash and have been bed-ridden again.. no painting! and what sucks more is I have so many ideas! I am working on a piece that I am thrilled with for the new show, and I have so many thoughts for this new series.. I am just itching to get up and paint!

My Chiropractor beat me up today, he went to a conference recently and decided today to address my skull. The whole thing is twisted since the accident and is sitting entirely wrong. I have never had my skull adjusted before and I never want to have it done again. I am feeling really nasty, sick and dizzy and sore.

I’m not sure how I am going to go with not publishing my paintings.. my blog looks so boring! I might publish sketches or sections of paintings.. what do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Hype Revisited

  1. Sometimes I wish we had just one word per definition, such that “crash” would only be used if you had in fact had another crash, rather than “crashing and burning” which is more the kind of thing you are saying. I got a bit of a shock at looking at the opening line of your post till I put it in the context of the rest of the writing. Phew.

  2. Ouch, sounds very very yucky! Hope you are feeling better soon. Ouch. 😦

    What if you showed the paintings, but did it in shadow or only highlighted particular areas that you are working on, so that we never see it as a whole? I use picasa when I’m mucking around with photo’s and it has a blurring function. You can highlight an area and then the rest as a blur. You can choose to keep the highlighted piece in colour too, and have the rest be either colour or black and white. Would give what you are doing an air of mystery, whilst still giving us tidbits to tantalise… Just a thought. You can see I play around on Picasa a lot, can’t you?

  3. Opps, sorry to worry you Daniel, It is funny.. stupid english language 😉 yes, crash and burn is what I meant but it got better 🙂

    Good suggestions Sophie, I use iPhoto for mine but it’s all the same principle.

    Thanks Ah Pek, I will be putting up more paintings- it seems so boring not to!

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