Attack of the dreaded Lurgy!

Well, I lost the long battle with the lurgy. it has invaded my system and is making me do sweet FA. 🙄 I am in pretty good shape for the show and the amazing power of painting that helps me to ignore my pain also helps me ignore being sick. I am trying not to abuse this new power, I must use it for good, not evil 😉

anyway, it’s all coming along really well. I want to do two more new paintings, but if I don’t get them done it wont be a drama. I am finishing up the details on a few paintings and I feel so excited about them, and the show – it’s coming up so fast! In addition to finishing my paintings, I need to add hanging hardware, finalize the lineup and work out pricing and titles for each one. about half are titled currently but I need to resolve that pretty soon as the plaques are getting done soon now. I can’t believe it’s next week! luckily, we are hanging on the weekend so I will have some time to rest up before the opening. everything is shaping up so well! I am getting very excited. 😀

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