The Winds of Change

Screenshot It must be spring, because I feel like changing things around. My blog has undergone a new look with a clean layout and a three column template. I feel as if two long columns meant that things were getting lost so hopefully this is a bit easier to use. I would love some feedback as to what you think of the all new-look Jennie’s Palette. I miss my custom header, but I think this is all a bit cleaner and more professional. I also like the image handling, the block quote formatting and the comments options better.

I am also re-arranging my website gallery. it is getting a little confusing to find specific images and my nude gallery is looking a little eclectic and large. so I am going to be sorting the gallery by series I think. rather than basic subject I am going to sort by individual collections – it should make it all look a bit more cohesive.

I will be rolling these changes out over the next few days but I would love to hear from you all about what you think of these changes. feel free to post a comment below or email me.

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4 thoughts on “The Winds of Change

  1. Initial thoughts:
    Looks good. The content is well highlighted by the white-on-fading-gray background.
    The h2 doesn’t work on monitors smaller than 1600×1200. It needs to have extra padding when it line-wraps, or you need to write less.
    I’m not sure about the top menu. There is something that feels not-quite-right about it. Maybe it’s the all capitals?

    Wild suggestions, take with caution:
    The side bars extend down a long way. You could probably lose the Archives section, and collapse the Categories section into a comma-seperated tag list. I believe there are plugins for WordPress that let you do this, you can also have it change the size of the tag by how much you’ve used it recently. To make up for the lack of Archives list, the Calendar can be turned into an Ajax-style calendar, so it scrolls through the months without refreshing the page.

  2. Good suggestions Gary, I would love to set up my categories as a tag cloud but as I am using I am limited in the plugins I can have (and no JS which is a mixed blessing). but I can make them into a comma separated list. I can do CSS changes if I pay which I may choose to do in the near future.. that will probably help with somethings.

    I’ve been pondering calendar vs archives – calendar is pretty and smaller but shows the archive less obviously. however, I think with searching as well that probably is less important. It also may eliminate the need for categories come to think of it.. especially as each post has it’s own… hmm..

  3. I’m not particularly familiar with, so I can’t really help you with the features on that. Should you decide to do CSS modifications in the future, feel free to email me if you get stuck anywhere.

    A few other things, now that I’m home and can have a better look:
    * In your “Artists” link list, “Artist’s Blog…” seems to have an errant ‘\’ in it.
    * The background is made up of a single image, so you can’t really add padding to the header.

    Here’s a quick mockup I made of some potential ideas for the header. Quick and dirty, tell me what you think.

    A couple of minor quibbles (quibbles is an awesome word) with regards to Accessibility:
    * The header seems to break when enlarging the text. Everything else works well.
    * When you turn off CSS, there is a lot of text between the top of the page and the content. This makes it difficult for screen readers, who have to read through all the text to find the content. A link at the top for “Jump to Content” would be helpful, though I’m not sure if you can style it without being able to edit the CSS.

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