New Toy!

L Ml Produkt 1 Kopia--Dmc-Fz7 I’ve been worrying lately about the quality of my photos. My current camera is a Kodak and has horrible color, contrast and light handling. it only really does good photos in full sunlight or in the shade on a sunny day. I take lots of photos for reference, and to document my works. As I am doing some online selling, working hard on my online presence, and starting to approach galleries for representation I need top notch presentation. I really feel my current camera is letting down my work. I have great lighting setups but nothing can help a basically bad camera.

So, based on recommendations from photographers and much research I have bought the Panasonic DMC FZ7. it is way sexy. It’s one of these cameras that has great automatic facilities and does great work for minimal effort but I also have the opportunity to work completely manually and add different filters and stuff so I think it will be flexible enough for my needs now, and later on.

mmm, America’s Next Top Model is on now, an all new season! I will write sometime soon on why I love it so much- but for now I must watch Tyra!

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