Logo I’ve been invited to join, a new online art gallery. I t has a very refreshing interface, fast and effective with nice minimalist lines. I am in the process of adding my works to my studio on sculptr. They are all available for immediate purchase.

One thing I was struck by, apart from the interface, was the company I’m keeping on this site. there are some very high profile artists on board. I think this bodes well for sculptr, but also for internet sales in general. Gallery services like Sculptr and Boundless serve to elevate the nature on online art sales and demystify the art collecting process for many. I personally really like selling online, it makes sense given my online experience and physical weaknesses, it is also a great way to tap into international markets. I will still be pursuing traditional art avenues, using both together.

Anyway, take a look at My Studio on Sculptr and let me know what you think! The photos of my latest works have been taken with my new camera which I love – I will post more on that later.

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