Spot the difference

Freedom.JPG100_3260 Investing in a new camera was very worth it. my pictures are far superior in color and detail, I spend less time trying to take good photos and manipulating them and more time for everything else. I am looking into different ways to get my work out there and having good photos is critical. Take a look at these two photos, one from my old camera and one from my new one – spot the difference?

I am feeling very comfortable in the direction my career is progressing. I still can’t work on painting at the moment but we are hoping that I am on the mend finally. I am sketching like crazy at the moment, it’s a great way to hold the withdrawal pains at bay and I am getting new ideas for paintings. I am undecided whether to share the contents of my sketchbook or not, it’s my platform for completely unfettered sketches and some of them are pretty raw.

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